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Why choose Max Financial?

  • Max Financial is one of the fastest growing MGAs in Canada
  • Max Financial has a qualified, experienced, and dedicated team working for the best interest of advisors as well as their clients.
  • Max Financial offers discounted errors and omissions insurance, and unique health and dental plans.
  • Our website has fully detailed and comprehensive advisor tools that guide you to have access to all our carrier illustration software, compliance documents, calculators, carrier information, etc.
  • Max Financial has in-house and virtual seminars from all insurance carriers at regular intervals to
    have a great opportunity to learn product knowledge, sales techniques, and concepts.
  • Max Financial has a special Elite Advisor Program that primarily focuses on corporate life insurance for high net-worth clients that provide an opportunity to have a dedicated team which is expert in financial planning, estate and tax planning, and succession planning.
  • Max Financial has a detailed training and development program, with complete sales cycle support which is unique in the financial services industry.

If you are energetic, new, or experienced, join Max and have unique opportunities and strategies to build a successful career in the Financial Industry.

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